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Partesi Music Services, Inc. has been providing quality instrumental music programs to Catholic, private, public, and charter schools in New Jersey since 1985. Our music teachers are experienced, hold college degrees, and compliant with all Diocesan standards for criminal checks and protecting our children.

Students in our voluntary programs can study a wide variety of instruments from piano, guitar, recorder, and violin to woodwinds, brass, and percussion. We are always finding new ways to improve our music programs by utilizing the latest methodologies available and by evaluating the quality of our teaching staff regularly.

We strive to keep our fees low so that this opportunity is affordable for all interested students attending the schools where our music program is implemented. We are dedicated to what we do and have had wonderful results over the years!

Partesi Music Services has been doing business in New Jersey for 30+ years! We would like to extend our thanks to all of our schools, staff, students and their families who have made our music program a success. Together with your support, we can continue to provide quality music education to our children.

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